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Hanging on by a thread.

We are looking for senior C++ engineers and python junkies as well as concept artists.

My friend is looking for a job as an experienced HR/Payroll manager, although I'm sure she could do just about any kind of middle management/administration really well.

Any help is greatly appreciated?

1. Figure out why I haven't gotten my new bank card (the old one expires on the 1st)
2. Get my eyes checked and get glasses (i get one free set of frames per year)
3. Get appointment for DMV to renew learners permit
4. Replace my ailing TV

My father. To this day I still see him every other night in my dreams. I often feel him in my sleep, this benevolent presence hovering just out of view. Sometimes he is there, jovial and avuncular. I'm hit with a warm flood of happiness and joy at seeing him. My conscious mind recognizes that he shouldn't be there, yet there he is. The spell breaks and I'm torn from sleep - I awake with an echo that same aching feeling I had three years ago today.

He was a good man, a good person, and a good father. He didn't deserve the horrifying and painful fate he suffered. Love, joy, guilt, pain, pride - and so many other emotions still attached to him - still so close to the surface. I hear him in my laugh, see him in my face, and feel him in my bones.

Can anyone recommend a reliable hosting provider that they have used and really liked? I'm thinking it's time to put a page up again..

If you don't get it.. you don't get it.

In the geometry of computer graphics, a vertex normal at a vertex of a polyhedron is the normalized average of the surface normals of the faces that contain that vertex.



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